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Upon receipt of each patron's vehicle, a Valet Claim Ticket is handed to the chauffeur of each vehicle received, which explains our Claim Policy. Our Claim Policy is as follows:

1. The Customer/chauffeur of each vehicle must have the parking brake set before existing vehicle. If it is not set and damage occurs, we accept no responsibility.

2. The vehicle must be retrieved at the location where the vehicle was received by Master Valet for purposes of valet.

3. Master Valet
is not responsible for any articles/valuables left in vehicle, so we recommend all valuables be put away. If you want to leave item(s) of value in your vehicle, please inform & show your lead valet that the item(s) are being left in the vehicle, so they can take measures to keep the vehicle safe as well as acknowledge the item(s) were left in the vehicle.

4. All claimed damage to vehicle must be reported to the lead valet by the vehicle's owner or driver of vehicle, PRIOR to leaving the establishment where Master Valet parked & stored the vehicle. An incident report must be filled out by Valet Manager or Lead Valet prior to leaving the premises, and a picture of the vehicle where the alleged damage is located will be taken to be emailed back to our main office for processing of claim.

For body damage, we look for 1 thing primarily to determine fault, {Paint Transfer}. In almost all cases of body damage, paint transfer occurs. Two ways to determine source of damage:

1. Another vehicle comes forth to complain of damage (paint transfer); &
2. An object is found nearby where the vehicle was struck, transferring paint.

If there is no paint transfer on objects or commentaries from another vehicle's owner evident, most likely the damage occurred elsewhere.

1. Another vehicle comes forth to complain of damage (paint transfer); &
2. An object is found nearby where the vehicle was struck, transferring paint.

If there is no paint transfer on objects or commentaries from another vehicle’s owner evident, most likely the damage occurred elsewhere.

5. We recommend you look your vehicle over in its entirety before leaving the premises, as we are not responsible for vehicles once they have left the establishment where we are providing valet services. All reported claims after the fact, will not be accepted, as the burden of proof lies with the customer. If the vehicle leaves the premises, and damage is reported after the fact, the damage will not be validated with Master Valet.

6. Master Valet is not responsible for damages caused by natural disasters/acts of God, such as flooding, wind damage, bird excrement, etc. We have no control over nature, but we will do the best to be prudent & to protect your vehicle under reasonable & safe circumstances.

7. Master Valet is not responsible for mechanical malfunctions which include, but are not limited to: tires, engine, transmission, oil leaks, windshield rock breaks, etc. We drive your vehicle for no more than 5 minutes at a time. Not enough time to damage your vehicle mechanically, without causing an accident.

8. INTOXICATION CLAUSE - Master Valet is not a Police Enforcement Agency. Our attendants are not authorized to carry Breathalyzers, not trained in the use of Breathalyzers, nor have the authority to enforce a Breathalyzer test on anyone. If we note that a patron is acting as if under the influence of a Controlled Substance, and attempting to operate a Motor Vehicle in our possession, we may contact the Individual who was provided as our Contact Person for the services we are providing, and let them know our observation, so that they may take any steps they see fit, with respect to their Patron or Guest. If law enforcement is nearby, posing as security for the venue we are providing services, we may also notify them with respect to our observations, so that may handle the matter as they deem fit. Such is the extent of our involvement.


Master Valet is not a security company, but merely a valet parking company. Our valet are not licensed to carry weapons, nor bonded as security guards are. We are not responsible for damage done to vehicles during a break-in or theft. In more at risk areas, we will try to keep a valet posted to keep a watchful eye on your vehicles, but this is more the responsibility of the establishment than Master Valet. Master Valet does not support the harm or injury of any of our valets for the purpose of protecting a patron's property!